Founder Chairman & CEO

C.K. McWhorter Founder Chairman & CEO of CTRL USA 

C.K. McWhorter is the Founder Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CTRL USA. Mr. McWhorter founded CTRL USA in 2014 and converted his investment operations to the CTRL USA family office in 2015. An avid philanthropist and entrepreneur, Mr. McWhorter has founded and holds active leadership roles in a number of nonprofit organizations.

Mr. McWhorter founded the McWhorter  Foundation in 2014. The McWhorter Foundation is committed to achieving lasting and meaningful change through commitments to children’s health, education, veterans, and the arts.

McWhorter is an American businessman, investor & philanthropist. Partners with world renown business, entertainment & political leaders by employing strategic influence & capital within a variety of spectrums.

acclaimed for ability to recognize high-quality ROI ventures while maximizing profits/growth through the implementation of strategic business practices & policies.